Gas Boilers

Gas Boilers Explained

Condensing gas boilers can provide you with heating and hot water throughout your home. Because the boiler is connected up to the gas mains it will more than likely be the cheapest solution. However, if you do not have the facility available to you then you will need to choose something more fitting for example an oil boiler. Combination boilers are very economical as the gas that burns releases low carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


Combination or Combi gas boilers are always a good idea if you have the gas mains facility available to you. Older models of gas boilers use more energy, heat less, cost more and most of all they emit more carbon emissions than combination boilers. However, though an older boiler may emit more emissions, if it is well maintained it still will heat your home efficiently, but not as efficiently as a combination gas boilers.

The pros and the cons of Gas Boilers

Like with any type of boiler there are always upsides and a downsides and these will need to be taken into account when making a decision on what boiler is best for you. Remember that T&S are always here to help in guiding you to the right choice!

Here are some pros for gas boilers:

  • Combination or ‘combi’ gas boilers are very economical and heat your home cost effectively.
  • Combination boilers have a low carbon footprint by burning the gas cleanly.
  • It is cheaper to heating your home on a gas boiler instead of an oil boiler.


Here are some of the cons of gas boilers:

  • As it is a combi boiler it relies on pressure and so it is not very good for large households.
  • These boilers rely on the gas mains which is not available in the countryside.