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LPG Boilers

LPG boilers can be a choice for homes that are not connected to a mains gas supply. LPG is short for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and LPG boilers are far more effective in burning their fuel cleanly and when this fuel is burnt it releases a lot less emissions than most believe. LPG is a little more expensive but is far more efficient than regular boilers and also emits much less carbon emissions.

A recycled product, LPG is available as butane or propane. Butane is usually supplied in gas bottles and is most compatible for indoor use where it’s perfect for portable gas heaters during the winter months. Propane suits outdoor storage. Supplied in cylinders or in bulk for storage in tanks on the customer’s premises.

System, combination and heat only boilers can run off LPG. Some boilers that are made to be used with gas can be converted for LPG use.The boilers can come in a range of wattages, from 15KW to 30KW. The size of your home and you domestic electrical power supplies will dictate what wattage is required for your property.

T&S can install, service and repair all types of LPG boilers and we offer a 15 Year Warranty on Worcester Bosch LPG boiler installations!

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