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T&S Policies & Legal

T&S are a transparent company that will outline and bullet point all our policies, legal notices or statements and guidelines so that you understand everything you need to. We also provide this information throughout various parts of the site to show we are open and don’t give you any nasty surprises when you use us. Here is a general summery and links to the detailed sections so you can find out more.

Being customer focused

  • Providing services that meet customer needs and any published service standards.
  • Dealing with people helpfully, promptly and sensitively, having regard to their individual circumstances.
  • Responding to customer needs flexibly including, where appropriate, in a joined-up way with other providers.


Being open and accountable

  • Being open and clear about policies, procedures and decisions, and ensuring that information and any advice provided is accessible, accurate and complete.
  • Handling information properly and appropriately.
  • Keeping proper and appropriate records.
  • Taking corporate responsibility for official actions.


Acting fairly and proportionately

  • Treating people impartially, with respect and court and without bias, discrimination or prejudice, and ensuring no conflict of interest.
  • Dealing with people and issues objectively and consistently.
  • Ensuring that decisions and actions are proportionate to the circumstances and individuals concerned.


Getting it right

  • Acting correctly in accordance with the law, statutory powers and obligations, organisational policy and guidance (published or internal) and any other rules and regulations.
  • Acting within the boundaries of established good practice.
  • Providing effective services, through appropriately trained, competent staff.
  • Taking decisions that are reasonable based on all relevant considerations.


Seeking continuous improvement

  • Keeping policies and procedures under regular review to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Welcome feedback and using it to improve services and performance.
  • Ensuring that lessons learned from complaints contribute to providing better services.

We are an experienced, forward thinking and innovative multi-disciplinary organisation delivering high quality services tailored to the needs of clients and customers.


Putting things right when they have gone wrong

  • Putting mistakes right quickly and taking action to correct policies and procedures which are found to be ineffective, unworkable or unfair.
  • Providing clear and timely information on how and when to appeal or complain – please see here for the complaints procedure.
  • Operating an effective complaints procedure, this includes providing appropriate paperwork.



We are committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience and different culture perspectives available in a multi-ethnic and diverse society; where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender, disability or age.

We pride ourselves on our approach to ensuring that the public duties we perform on our client’s behalf are inclusive of all members of our customer base.

Our philosophy is simple; ‘treat all people the same, is not the same as treating people equally’. By that we mean that equal access to our services will require from time to time actions for individuals that exceed those for others. It is the function of our customer liaison team to identify those individuals who will require additional recourses, or different actions undertaking to ensure that they receive equality of service. Every customer is treated individually.