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Why use Homecare

Homecare is specialising in disability adaptations for residential or commercial properties. Homecare does not outsource so you can get everything from one place by professional engineers. This allows for a no nonsense approach to improving your home quickly to a high standard. Please call free on 0800 975 9668 for advice or to book a consultation.


Disability Bathing

Using the bathroom facilities in your home is hugely important in all our lives, however for various reasons it may no longer be easy to do. That’s why we offer a full range of bathing facilities from wetrooms to walk in baths & showers. Find out more 



Disabled kitchenDisability Kitchens

Homecare can turn a kitchen into an easy, safe and accessible place for people with disabilities. We have a large selection of facilities such as adjustable; cupboards, worktops, tables and much more to keep the kitchen accessible for everyone. Find out more




Stair Lifts

Stair lift

Homecare provides solutions in and around your property so any obstacle can be tackled. One of the main aspects of your property is accessing all the floors safely and easily to ensure complete accessibility to all floors of the property. Find out more



Building Adaptations

Ramp 2
Accessibility is the key for anyone who has a disability or illness, Homecare plan to tackle exactly that by offering a wide range of products and services such as: ramps, grab rails, path and door widening, garage conversions and more. Find out more

Ollie Hind2012 Paralympics

T&S Homecare are the official sponsors of the 2012 Paralympics for Ollie Hynde and the ABF soldiers’ charity. We pride ourselves on giving something back to the community in part or in large donations.