T&S Golf Tournament



The T&S Golf Tournament was held at the superb Ramsadale Golf Club for its staff in September.

Office staff, management and engineers all took part in the fun evening and competitive evening. The talent ranged from amateurs who had not picked up a golf club in years to the professionals, who had to teach some people the basics, including how to hold the clubs!

The game lasted a good few hours and as the cold set in and the sun set everyone regrouped back at the Golf Bar for drinks and food. After tallying up everyone’s results it came as no surprise that Jamie won first place and took the trophy home. Lewis came second followed closely by Paul, who by considering his composure in the photographs thought that he should have done much better than third place! See our Facebook page for all of the photographs.

All round it was a good evening out for the T&S team and we will have to see if Jamie manages to hold onto his trophy at the tournament next year!