Central Heating Boilers

Central Heating Boilers. What boiler is right for me?

There are different types of central heating boilers and so finding the right type of boiler can be a stressful exercise but T&S are here to help you through every step of the way. T&S offer a wide range of boilers and provide all the specific information that is needed to make you understand what boiler is best for you. Everyone is different and some have different needs than others. But we will make sure your central heating system will perform with the precision and quality that is needed to keep you and your family warm throughout winter. All our boilers are A-Rated for energy efficiency so you can rest assure that your boiler that has an amazing  warranty including 24/7 callout will also be saving you money and keeping you warm.

 Getting Started – Choose the Service that you require:

At T&S Heating we can help you with your boiler and central heating needs from repairing a broken boiler to installing a new or replacement boiler. To get started please select the service you require from the 3 choices below:

  • Boiler replacement – if you need a new boiler either to save money or your old one is dead and gone.
  • Boiler Repairs – if your boiler is broken down or is working incorrectly T&S are here to help.
  • Boiler Service – if your boiler or central heating system needs a quick check over to keep it efficient.

What boiler type is right for my household or business?

You might be at a loss to which boiler you will decide on. Please see below for more information and to understand all there is to know about modern energy efficient boilers and how they can heat your home effectively. We know it can be difficult decision to make unless you already know the pros and cons of each boiler type, so please keep in mind T&S will always be around to advise what boiler is right for you.  Our highly qualified surveyors can talk you through everything that you need. We specialise in central heating systems and all types of boilers from basic household to commercial boilers for very large properties. So don’t fret T&S are here to help. Click one of the buttons below to find out more….

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